Raphael's portrait of the ship, the Titanic, the Iranian port of Bushehr, 1356,

Raphael's portrait of the ship, the Titanic, the Iranian port of Bushehr, 1356,

Rafael ship was purchased by the second Pahlavi for travel and leisure and recreational facilities at the time 

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Did not like.
Rafael ship in 1344 was valued at $ 90 million, but given the economic conditions in Italy after 10 years it amounted to only $ 2 million sold to Iran.
The first action plan "Raphael" was drawn in 1337 by the Italians and Rafael length 276 meters, width 31 meters was made in Italy.
The output 850 of the Rafael ship radio telephone, 6 swimming pools, 750 cabin (each cabin is a stylish and luxurious bathroom decorated with Italian marbles were there), 18 lifts, 30 auditorium with 500 seats and joined the club
Gymnastics and body building was built.

Iran was moving toward the day when Rafael Italy, the Italian people were crying, escorted to Raphael. Raphael had made such that they were forced to sell to Iran.
Raphael Among the tears and sorrow he left Italy and nice walking towards Iran's progress.
Raphael in spring 1356 with a crew of 50 Italians settled with capacities over 1,800 people came in Bushehr port tuck.

The waves of the sea, and strange to hear a long beep will Bushehr city.
Bushehr people looking out the windows of the old house looked stunned, they saw a great white giant who was approaching the coast of Bushehr.
Someone had sent a large ship that was brilliant white and his body, mind and soul of the city is going to be visiting for years.

Italian ship with 57 crew in late Raphael gradually returned to their country ...

After the Revolution, Iran's war with Iraq soon.
After the restoration of the decisions about Raphael and Michelangelo were the cruises, but never!
In 1362, two Iraqi aircraft with a missile target.
Rafael suffered injuries in the attack and was stuck in the ground water and it was repairable, but Hychksh not understand why someone did not do it to save Raphael ...

All equipment and furniture, luxurious Raphael went away. The body of a half-submerged ship was a cargo ship named Iran Soon Hi (Iran SIAM) when suddenly he stumbled and his body beginning heavily damaged and the work that Iraqi aircraft They had all Krdd ...

The ocean liner along the coast of Bushehr Raphael could not survive more than about 7 years and soon
Marine and aquatic habitat Ghraib became legendary.

Rafael currently wrestling on the beach in Bushehr is not less than 7 feet of water, the distance of 2 km from the nuclear power plant
Is taken.